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Things You Need to Know Before the AAS Cycle

Things You Need to Know Before the AAS Cycle

Almost every person who visits the gym eventually has a query about the “steroid hunger” that drives them to purchase this wonder. One’s desire stems from their want to grow, become larger, stronger, more beautiful, more resilient, etc. Some claim that their genetic and physical potential has been reached.

But before you cross over to the dark side, you have to begin learning the basics. The first point deals with the reproductive system. Gaining an understanding of this mechanism will help us better understand how medications impact the various bodily systems. What will cause our bodies to suffer and, consequently, how to treat this situation?

Many believe that testosterone is responsible for everything. But we must begin at the very top of the hypothalamic system. In response to signals from several organs that emit gonadotropin-releasing hormone, or GnRH, the pituitary gland releases luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone.

Luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone then influence the production of testosterone in Leydig cells and the synthesis of spermatozoa in Sertoli cells. Later on, testosterone is transformed into dihydrotestosterone and oestrogen. These have an impact on the pituitary and hypothalamus, which regulates the synthesis of luteinizing hormone and GnRH. Another name for this system is the negative feedback mechanism.

How come you require this information? Steroid use has an impact on this system. You must return your body to its pre-course numbers as soon as you finish the course. Not just the overall amount of testosterone determines them. but several other hormones as well. We will go into greater detail in the upcoming post on what is covered in their spectrum and what you need to accomplish.

Everyone ought to be mindful of their health. And if you’re on a course, much more so. Frequent health monitoring can identify minor flaws early on. You owe it to yourself to have a clear understanding of your initial traits Before, During, and After Course and Post-Cycle Therapy if you are heading down a dark path. If not, place the blame on yourself. Which tests should I focus on?

Sex hormones include prolactin, progesterone, oestrogen, luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, total testosterone, and globulin-binding sex steroids.

Blood Count

Glycated haemoglobin, blood sugar, liver, kidney, thyroid, and total protein.

Keep in mind that you are fasting when taking your hormones. This is a crucial matter. Tests, when a guy ate a meal high in carbohydrates before performing the test, are highly intriguing. His levels of testosterone fell to hypogonadism. And what would happen to a man’s emotions, if he saw these tests?

Give up having sex and masturbating within a day. One possible distortion of prolactin is to the positive side. Tests for follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone will be inaccurate.

Eliminating physical exercise is advised. Exercise has been shown in studies to impact thyroid and androgen hormone levels.

You should get a good night’s sleep the night before and avoid stress before you take the test. This may significantly skew the outcomes.

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