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Testosterone Base: Usage, Dosage and Side Effects

Testosterone Base: Usage, Dosage and Side Effects

Testosterone base is utilised extensively because of all the benefits it may offer. It’s a strong anabolic steroid that helps keep testosterone levels elevated. This increases vigour and makes up for other steroids in the stack that inhibit the body’s natural synthesis of testosterone. The average user may gain 15 to 20 pounds of lean muscle in a cycle!

Because the testosterone base doesn’t include an ester, it has a long half-life. This suggests that the benefits are long-lasting and that less of the substance may be used in a cycle. The only time between injections is three to four days.

Reasons for using

A testosterone base is often used to boost strength and gain lean muscle mass fast. It does need a lot of work, including strict food plans and regular exercise regimens that test your limits. It was encouraging, though, that you could feel stronger and enjoy the visual benefits in such a short period.

Other benefits of using testosterone base include: improved energy levels; higher red blood cell counts; higher libido; improved protein digestion; and


The only way to utilise testosterone base is by injection. It’s important to remember that using it successfully calls for a 25-gauge needle. A regular 22-gauge needle will not be able to inject all of the way into the body area; instead, part of the needle will become stuck in the syringe. Since the injection site may become uncomfortable, it is best to avoid the area where the injection is performed.

Usually, 100 mg of testosterone base is given every three to four days. Because there is a greater chance of adverse consequences, exceeding that amount is not recommended. But using more of it at once won’t make a big difference in the benefits. Some bodybuilders may utilise as much as 250 milligrams per week. The cycle usually lasts 8 weeks and shouldn’t extend beyond 12 weeks.

Possible Adverse Repercussions

The estrogenic properties of the testosterone base might cause some guys to have bigger and more sensitive breasts. This can be mitigated by starting the stack with an anti-estrogenic drug. Stop taking Testosterone Base if you have abdominal bloating or water retention.

Most Testosterone Base users report either very little side effects or none at all. These detrimental effects might consist of:

  • Having difficulty falling asleep
  • Not feeling hungry
  • Muscle and joint aches
  • A decrease in the size of the testes

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