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Turinabol: Usage, Dosage and Side Effects

Turinabol: Usage, Dosage and Side Effects

An oral anabolic steroid with certain distinctive properties is called Turinabol. It is a cross between methandrostenolone and clostebol. It is quite potent and has little androgenic potential. It’s more officially known as 4-hlorodehydromethyltestosterone. In 1962, this substance was first used in Germany. It has earned excellent reviews for general user safety for both sexes. It has occasionally been applied to children for a variety of therapeutic purposes.

However, it was used covertly to promote lean muscle mass with almost no negative effects. However, this was exposed in the 1990s, when there were several controversies involving the usage of Turinabol in Eastern Germany. As a result of this interest, the name “East German Doping Machine” was created. It concentrated on the different German Olympians who performed so brilliantly. It was thought that because Turinabol was being used, they had an unfair advantage.


Dinabol, which is made from testosterone, is transformed into Turinabol. At the #1 and #2 carbon locations, the compound possesses an additional double bond. The anabolic to androgenic ratio is then altered in favour of anabolic. The existence of the Chloro group at the #4 carbon position is another feature of Turinabol. This reduces the androgenic components even further by stopping the hormone from aromatizing. Turinabol is classified as a C17-AA anabolic androgenic steroid because of the inclusion of the methyl group at the position of carbon number 17.


Many of the advantages and uses of Turinabol are similar to those of other anabolic steroids. They consist of:

  • Increased retention of nitrogen
  • A greater production of proteins
  • Elevated red blood cell count
  • Decreases shbg
  • Turinabol is moderate, making it appealing to both sexes.


For the serious athletes out there, Turinabol can be quite beneficial. Professional athletes competing at different ability levels need every edge they can obtain over their rivals. They are under a great deal of pressure to increase their speed, strength, and endurance. The body suffers severely as a result of it all!

Athletes who are bulking up in the off-season might benefit from using Turinabol. If you need to see growth in a short period, there are significantly superior anabolic steroids available for that. Anadrol and Dianabol are a couple of those alternatives. However, for athletes in a cutting cycle, Turinabol frequently shines. At this point, individuals are still engaging in challenging workouts while reducing their caloric intake. To accomplish this, the body requires energy, which it naturally obtains from lean muscular tissue. Turinabol and other anabolic steroids enable the body to switch from burning muscular tissue to burning fat. Additionally, it gives those muscles extra support.

Turinabol will simultaneously encourage increased strength and general endurance. This might assist an athlete in having the stamina to keep pushing oneself with a demanding training schedule. They may soon see the rewards of their efforts because the recuperation time is shorter. Turinabol usage during a cutting cycle results in a slimmer appearance and heaps of strength!

Potential Negative Effects

Turinabol ranks first among anabolic steroids in terms of potential negative effects. Both men and women may normally take it without any problems due to how mild it is. To determine if it is a suitable decision for you, you must be fully aware of any potential hazards. Turinabol’s high dosages and continuous use raise the risk of negative effects.


Turinabol doesn’t have any androgenic adverse effects unless you are susceptible to it or have underlying hereditary factors. Male pattern baldness is an excellent example. These potential negative consequences consist of:

  • Acne
  • Hair fall
  • Undesirable body hair


Turinabol poses the greatest threat to your cardiovascular system by upsetting your cholesterol levels. To make sure you have a solid starting point, test them before you begin to take it. A variety of health problems might result from the harmful levels rising and the good levels falling. Maintain your aerobic routines and raise your intake of omega fatty acids. Sugars and saturated fats should be avoided.


When using Turinabol, there are no estrogenic adverse effects to be concerned about. Since it doesn’t aromatize, the testosterone won’t be converted to oestrogen. Since it contains no progestin, the possibility of water retention and gynecomastia is completely removed. Water retention is a risk factor for high blood pressure, thus that danger is also nonexistent. There is a problem that has to be looked into further if you do have elevated blood pressure while using Turinabol.

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