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Nolvadex usage on a steroid cycle to reduce gyno?

Nolvadex usage on a steroid cycle to reduce gyno?

Studies show that there are oral tablets and oral solutions available for Nolvadex PCT (tamoxifen). One of the anti-estrogen family’s members is tamoxifen. The main objectives of Nolvadex are to increase the body’s synthesis of testosterone and lessen the harmful effects of estrogen. The overproduction of estrogen by the body can lead to some types of breast tumours. Take Nolvadex PCT as prescribed to prevent the development of oestrogen-responsive cancer tumours. Excessive use of anabolic steroids might cause your testosterone levels to drop. When tamoxifen is used as prescribed, luteinizing hormone synthesis will be stimulated. The pituitary gland produces these hormones, which are essential for the production of testosterone.

By increasing the synthesis of testosterone, nolvadex lowers the risk of low T levels in the body. Most patients will require four weeks of tamoxifen for post-cycle therapy. Longer steroid cycles might need an eight-week PCT phase during which Tamoxifen is combined with other medications. If you take more Tamoxifen than the prescribed 10g daily, your body won’t make additional testosterone hormones. You should so adhere to the dosage guidelines.

Tamoxifen side effects

Scientists have reported both mild and severe side effects with tamoxifen. During post-cycle treatment, the following list of Nolvadex side effects is common:

  1. Night sweats and vaginal discharge

A hot flash is an unexpected feeling of warmth followed by profuse sweat, particularly on the face, chest, and neck. The mild side symptoms of virginal discharge, such as hot flushes, may disappear in a few days or weeks. See your physician if these symptoms persist.

  1. Alterations to the endometrium of the uterus

Certain changes indicate the onset of a dangerous disease, including uterine cancer. The following is a list of some telltale signs and symptoms of changes in your uterine lining. Among these indicators are the following ones:

Changes to the menstrual cycle. This can be shown by altered bleeding patterns and volumes as well as increased clotting. A vaginal bleeding episode. See your doctor even if the amount of blood is little.

  1. Stroke Tamoxifen may ultimately result in a stroke. Some of the warning signs and symptoms of a stroke are dizziness, trouble walking, sudden confusion, dizziness, sudden weakness and tingling, severe headache, and lack of coordination.
  2. Hemorrhages and Venous thrombi

Science indicates that blood clotting can occur in as little as two to three months, particularly if Nolvadex is stopped. Symptoms of blood clots include coughing up blood, shortness of breath, sudden chest pain, swelling, soreness, and anguish.

  1. Problems with the Liver

Jaundice, loss of appetite, and skin discolouration are some common symptoms associated with liver disease.

  1. Lenses

If, after taking Tamoxifen, you begin to have problems seeing, it’s time to visit your doctor. An early identification of this ailment will lower your risk of developing major, long-term health issues.

Warnings for Tamoxifen

Numerous warnings are associated with Nolvadex PCT:

Caution Regarding Blood Thinners

If you continue to use blood thinners, Nolvadex may cause your body to produce more of them. This effect may increase your chance of bleeding. For this reason, if you have a history of blood clots, you should not use Tamoxifen.

– Shortness of breath

Swelling of the tongue or throat may occur after tamoxifen consumption.

– Alert for Allergies

Some people may experience allergic reactions when taking tamoxifen. Therefore, if you have had a negative reaction to tamoxifen, avoid using it as it may be lethal.

– Beware of cataracts

The use of Nolvadex during post-cycle therapy may increase the risk of cataract development. Recognize that surgery may be necessary for complex cataracts. See a trained medical professional if you have blurry vision.

– Alert for Liver Issues

There is evidence from many studies that Nolvadex PCT may increase the risk of liver problems. Skin discolouration and loss of appetite are two common signs that you have liver problems, as was previously mentioned.


You should consider several things before using tamoxifen, such as refills, storage, clinical monitoring, etc. For the largest assortment of Tamoxifen and Nolvadex products, shop at UK Steroids.

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