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Which Steroid Combinations Are Possible?

Which Steroid Combinations Are Possible?

The usage of different anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) is becoming more widespread in contemporary sports. Even while they work well on their own, combining them can produce even greater outcomes. You can maximize the beneficial qualities of several anabolic agents while minimizing the detrimental ones by mixing them. But it’s important to tackle this situation sensibly.

 How Should Steroids Be Combined?

Depending on whether anabolic or androgenic qualities predominate in an AAS compound, different results might result. Each of them has an impact on how certain outcomes are manifested. Therefore, chemicals from both categories must be used when creating a cycle. In doing so, they support one another and minimize some negative effects.

Proper combination is greatly influenced by the time of steroid delivery. Three different cycles exist:

3-5 week short cycles

6 to 8 weeks for medium cycles

Long cycles: 8 weeks or longer (sometimes resulting in perpetual cycles)

Which chemicals are best to employ depends on how long the cycle lasts. It makes sense to avoid using fast-acting AAS for longer periods and to avoid using anabolics with a long half-life during short cycles.

When putting up a balanced combination that maximizes performance while minimizing negative effects, dosage is frequently a problem. Inexperienced athletes sometimes make the mistake of utilising heavy quantities of supplements all at once to gain muscle growth quickly, which can have unfavourable effects and be harmful to their health.

How Do I Select The Correct AAS Stack?

The main criterion is that steroids must differ from one another for their effects to be enhanced rather than diminished.

The many categories of steroid formulations include:

Progestagens include Methandienone, Oxymetholone, and Parabolan.

Stanozolol, methenolone, mesterolone, and Masteron are derivatives of dihydrotestosterone.

All the steroids described in the preceding two categories, plus Boldenone, Anavar, and Oral Turinabol, are considered non-aromatizing steroids.

Methandienone and testosterone are aromatizing steroids.

What Steroid Combinations Should Be Avoided and Why?

Additional advice on their compatibility can be given based on the categorization, active components, and features of AAS.

First off, taking more than one oral steroid is not advised because of its worsened effects on the liver. In a stack, one oral steroid is enough.

Furthermore, mixing different DHT derivatives is not advised. Otherwise, increasing dihydrotestosterone would have double the undesirable side effects, including impacts on the prostate.

Using progestogenic substances at the same time is highly advised against. Combining Nandrolone and Trenbolone, which are both strong drugs on their own, can have long-lasting effects. In my other articles on this website, I discuss the negative consequences of substances having progestogenic action in more detail.

Combining testosterone, methandienone, and nandrolone should be done with caution if you are prone to aromatization. A testosterone + methandienone cycle is not something I would advise for beginners. You should only think about putting testosterone, methandienone, or nandrolone in your stack once you have a better understanding of how your body reacts to “gear,” your propensity for aromatization, and how to utilise aromatase inhibitors like anastrozole appropriately.


In conclusion, cautious thought and expertise are essential when it comes to mixing steroids. While mixing several anabolic drugs might increase beneficial benefits and reduce negative effects, it should be done with caution and wisdom. Creating a well-balanced stack requires an understanding of the unique characteristics and effects of each steroid. Maximizing benefits and reducing dangers depend heavily on the timing, dose, and length of cycles.

Remember that selecting substances that work well together rather than against one another is the secret to effective steroid combos. You may achieve the best outcomes and keep your health throughout your trip by adhering to these recommendations.

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