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The relationship between anabolic steroids and tendon injuries

The relationship between anabolic steroids and tendon injuries


An increasing amount of research indicates that anabolic steroids may have some beneficial benefits on tendon health and healing.  In this blog post, we will explore some potential benefits of anabolic steroids concerning tendons, shedding light on how they might aid athletes in their pursuit of enhanced performance.

Improved Collagen Synthesis

Collagen is a critical component of tendons, providing them with strength and elasticity. Some studies indicate that anabolic steroids can enhance collagen synthesis within tendons. This improved collagen production may contribute to more robust and resilient tendons, allowing athletes to engage in intense physical activities with reduced risk of injury.

Faster Tendon Healing

Tendon injuries can be challenging to heal due to their limited blood supply. Anabolic steroids have shown promise in promoting tissue repair and reducing inflammation. By speeding up the healing process, steroids may help athletes recover from tendon injuries more efficiently, enabling them to return to their training regimen and competitive activities sooner.

Enhanced Connective Tissue Support

Tendons rely on surrounding connective tissues and muscles for support during movement. Anabolic steroids may aid in strengthening these supportive structures, providing additional stability to tendons during physical activities. This enhanced support can potentially reduce the risk of overloading tendons and subsequent injuries.

Reduced Tendon Fatigue

Tendon fatigue is a common issue among athletes engaged in repetitive or high-impact activities. Some research suggests that anabolic steroids may help reduce tendon fatigue by supporting the structural integrity of tendons. This could translate into improved performance and reduced risk of tendon-related injuries during strenuous exercise.

Optimized Training Adaptations

Anabolic steroids have been associated with increased muscle mass and strength gains. These gains can benefit tendons indirectly, as stronger muscles can better support and protect tendons during physical activities. The optimized training adaptations resulting from steroid use may create a more favorable environment for tendon health.

Preservation of Tendon Mass

Intense training and aging can lead to a natural decline in tendon mass. Anabolic steroids have been shown to preserve tendon mass, potentially slowing down age-related changes and reducing the likelihood of tendon injuries in older athletes.


Research suggests that responsible use of these substances offer certain positive effects on tendons. Enhanced collagen synthesis, faster healing, improved support from surrounding tissues, reduced fatigue, optimized training adaptations, and preservation of tendon mass are some of the potential benefits that athletes might experience.

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