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The ideal PCT Cycle and Steroids

The ideal PCT Cycle and Steroids

After completing a steroid cycle, users need to engage in post-cycle therapy (PCT) to allow the body sufficient time to process and eliminate the steroids. Therefore, users need to use a post-cycle treatment according to their cycle. They may also need to undertake a PCT consisting of Nolvadex or Clomid if they want to use injectable testosterone as part of their steroid cycle to prevent gynecomastia.

What is a PCT?

Post-cycle treatment is used to decrease the negative effects of the drugs after anabolic steroid cycles. Saying the word out loud ensures that everyone understands it, even if it should go without saying. Post-cycle treatment, or PCT, basically fixes any harm the body may have sustained during a steroid cycle. During the steroid cycle, these drugs inject the body with hormones, which might damage certain cells and organs.

Some of these side effects include altered blood plasma lipid levels, elevated oestrogen levels, decreased or stopped natural testosterone synthesis, and other unfavourable outcomes. Restoring hormones that damage cells and organs to normal levels is the aim of post-cycle therapy. Some users of anabolic steroids may encounter several health problems if proper PCT is not performed after steroid cycles. It is recommended that advanced steroid users receive post-cycle treatment after high-dose steroid cycles to aid in their bodies’ recovery.

Expert users employ post-cycle therapy, which has fewer adverse effects than PCT alone. For experienced users, PCT might not be as important as it is for novices, but it is still a useful method to lessen the effects of a shutdown.

PCT Arimistane

Armistice is a 7-Keto DHEA metabolite that does not convert to estrogen or testosterone. Like the medication Aromasin, an armistice is a suicide aromatase inhibitor (AI), meaning it will bind to the aromatase enzyme permanently and stop any oestrogen from being released again. It has also reportedly been shown to lower cortisol, enhance luteinizing hormone (LH), and raise testosterone. Arimistane also works to lower the body’s circulating oestrogen levels. It functions as a suicide inhibitor by reducing the number of androgens in the body that can be transformed into oestrogen. further details on PCT management.

PCT for Nolvadex

The active ingredient in Nolvadex and its generic name is tamoxifen citrate. It is available in tablet form in dosages of 10 mg and 20 mg. This medication cannot be obtained without a prescription. As expected, nolvadex significantly reduces oestrogen levels and slows the progression of cancer. It was first created as a drug to treat breast cancer.

It does this by attaching itself to oestrogen receptors in that area of the body, preventing oestrogen from binding and minimizing or completely removing the effects of estrogen on breast tissue. For unknown reasons, males who use anabolic steroids desire to inhibit the growth of breast tissue that results from increased oestrogen activity.

When to Start PCT After a Cycle

Every steroid user is different, and thus, every anabolic steroid cycle is different. This suggests that there’s no set time for a PCT to start. PCT is frequently started close to the end of a cycle to ensure the body has had adequate time to remove any waste products created during steroid administration. As it will help restore hormone levels in both men and women who have been taking steroids or other hormonal therapy, starting your PCT right after the cycle is an excellent option.


In conclusion, post-cycle treatment may be quite helpful for those who have recently completed a steroid cycle. A PCT has many wonderful benefits, such as raising testosterone levels and reducing water retention. If you want to get rid of the side effects of steroids without losing your gains, a PCT is a wise course of action.

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