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Superfoods Rich in K-2 Vitamin

Superfoods Rich in K-2 Vitamin

Maintaining cavity-free, healthy teeth requires a careful balancing act between several elements. Daily flossing and brushing are important, but even more so is eating a balanced, nutrient-rich diet that supports remineralization of the teeth and balances the oral flora. Even though vitamin K2 occurs naturally, humans cannot effectively convert vitamin K2 into vitamin K1. It’s only possible in those with healthy guts, which are few.

Conversely, an enzyme found in cows and chickens rapidly converts the K1 found in grass and other leafy greens into K2. To keep K2 levels high, I advise consuming a lot of foods high in vitamin K2, such as pastured (grass-fed) animal products.

Which foods are high in vitamin K2?

Not every food that is well-known to be high in vitamin K2 is regarded as belonging to a diet that supports heart health. Conversely, meals high in vitamin K1 are usually plant-based, naturally occurring phenomena that pack a nutritional punch. They are an integral part of a nutrient-dense diet and consist of:

  1. Verdant Stools

Vegetables green from the cabbage family Increasing your consumption of green veggies like broccoli and asparagus can also help increase your intake of vitamin K2. Other green vegetables high in vitamin K2 include broccoli, cauliflower, green turnips, spinach, kale, and broccoli.

  1. Soy

Usually, rice is served with it. Not only is soy the most plentiful source of vitamin K2, but it also has high iron, protein, and fibre content.    One of the foods highest in Vitamin K2 is soy, which has a particular form of K2 called menaquinone-7 (MK-7).  In most Western diets, soy is not a staple food. Your preferred Japanese eatery may serve something different.

  1. Milk that has fermented

Russians and other Eastern Europeans love kefir, a fermented milk beverage that tastes like thin yoghurt.   Probiotics, vitamins, and minerals abound in kefir. Kefir tastes like sour milk, with an acidic and tangy flavour. Some others prefer to sip it immediately. It may be combined into a smoothie or added to porridge.

  1. Pickles

The fermented cabbage variation is made from cabbage. It includes good bacteria that support the maintenance of a healthy gut flora, just as other fermented foods. That suggests that consuming it helps improve your gut health in addition to helping you get more vitamin K2. Your body may now manufacture more vitamin K2 as a result.

  1. Breast of chicken

For those who eat animal products, at least, chicken breast belongs to the group of foods high in vitamin K2, are generally healthy, and have been a traditional element of the Western diet.  If you are limited to one source of vitamin K2, eating chicken breast seems to be a convenient and healthful choice.

  1. Yolk from an egg

You are undoubtedly aware that egg whites are typically thought of as the healthier part of the egg. Egg yolks might raise your bad cholesterol since they contain saturated fat.  Again, moderation is key when it comes to eggs. For those without a history of heart disease and normal blood cholesterol, one yolk-containing egg per day is usually safe.

What Advantages Do Foods High in Vitamin K2 Offer?

Vitamin K increases the action of proteins related to heart health, calcium metabolism, and blood coagulation. Consequently, no upper consumption amount of vitamin K that is deemed inappropriate has been established. There is no proof that vitamin K2 obtained from food or supplements is harmful.

  1. Prevents cardiac conditions
  2. Strengthen your bones
  3. Enhance oral health
  4. Could aid in the battle against cancer


K1 and K2 are two different forms of the dietary group known as vitamin K. While vitamin K2 supports bone and heart function, vitamin K1 assists in blood coagulation. Further investigation of the effects of different forms of vitamin K is necessary. According to some specialists, those who are at risk of coronary artery disease have to take daily dosages of vitamin K2. Some contend that more investigation is necessary before concrete recommendations may be given.

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