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PCT Products

PCT Products

Choosing the right post-cycle therapy (PCT) items may be difficult. If you’re not familiar with steroids, you may be wondering why. The explanation is that different steroids have distinct side effects, and that the PCT drug to be used may also change depending on how long a cycle lasts.

To understand the importance of PCT drugs, we first understand why they are necessary. PCT drugs might be beneficial to the bodybuilding community that uses steroids because they either mimic or are testosterone. When a man’s body produces too much testosterone, these hormones are converted by enzymes to oestrogen. For men, high oestrogen from steroid abuse can cause gynecomastia and water retention, among other unsightly side effects. Anti-estrogenic drugs are taken by many to prevent this, both during cycles and PCT.

Anti-Aromatase Drugs

One class of PCT drugs is known as aromatase inhibitors (AI), also known as suicide inhibitors. These drugs work by binding to the enzyme that converts testosterone into oestrogen over time. AIs have the disadvantage of being somewhat too successful; although the body does benefit from some oestrogen, using AIs for extended periods can be detrimental to one’s health.

Select the Modulators for Oestrogen Receptors.

Another type of PCT drug is called selective oestrogen receptor modulators, and they work by blocking oestrogen receptors in certain body areas, as the name suggests. Although it was originally ineffectual in treating female infertility, it is currently utilised in clinical settings to treat female breast cancer and even as a preventative treatment for those who are highly susceptible to developing the disease. Because SERMs do not halt the synthesis of oestrogen, they are popular in the bodybuilding community as a useful method to preserve the positive aspects of high oestrogen while avoiding its negative effects. The drawbacks of SERMs include their high liver workload and the potential for hormonal imbalance with some of them, even with short-term use.

Anti-estrogen PCT

Many seasoned steroid users may be surprised to learn that anti-estrogens are not especially beneficial for heavy users of steroids. They are used to combat excessive oestrogen levels, which are caused by excess testosterone that aromatizes into oestrogen. They are therefore advantageous during a cycle. However, when an individual stops taking steroids, their testosterone levels will probably fall substantially below average, meaning that little further oestrogen will be produced. Those who support anti-estrogens respond to this by citing studies that demonstrate the anti-estrogens raised luteinizing hormone (LH), a hormone that promotes the manufacture of testosterone. However, this is only applicable to men who do not use steroids. Since medications desensitise the testicles, LH does not affect those who use steroids often.

hGC Therapy

Contrarily, human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, is significant. The ability to inject far more HCG than our bodies produce LH enables us to stimulate the testes again, even if they are only imitating LH. The drawback, however, is that HCG may desensitise the body to its production of LH and result in a persistent hormonal imbalance. This is why it’s so important to provide HCG sensibly and shortly (16 days, preferably).

Cortisol controllers

Another thing to consider is cortisol controllers. Cortisol, the stress hormone, can also have a disastrous effect on the body as a whole. Because it quickly converts muscles into energy instead of fat, it is very hard on them. When coming off steroids, one’s hormones will be out of balance, which could let cortisol develop and accelerate the loss of any gains made. For PCT purposes, a four-week cortisol controller run should be sufficient to stop this.

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