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Ovigil 5000 IU: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

Ovigil 5000 IU: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

Human chorionic gonadotropin is most commonly abbreviated as HCG. The female body produces it naturally while she is pregnant. It is located in the cells responsible for producing the foetus’s placenta. This gives the egg nourishment as soon as the sperm fertilizes it. For the growth and development of the fetus, it is essential throughout the first trimester.


Human body can’t produce enough HCG, therefore a synthetic substitute must be used. It can also be administered to males who are experiencing problems producing adequate testosterone. It is typically advised for women who need help becoming pregnant. Patients who need to lose weight rapidly may be given HCG to promote weight reduction and reduce appetite. The daily calorie intake is restricted to about 500 for many weeks.

Bodybuilders often utilize HCG in combination with a stack of anabolic steroids. They can sustain higher quantities of testosterone than they normally would. They must, however, proceed with caution because of the possible negative consequences of estrogen. It will impact them according to how much they take and what else is in their stack differently.


Intravenous HCG administration is used. The dose will be decided based on the patient’s needs. The dose is determined by the doctor after careful consideration. It’s vital to stick to the hours and days given forth for injections. It is a good idea to route the medicine where it is delivered to minimise pain at the injection site.

The dosage of HCG may be progressively increased by women who are attempting to conceive. If a woman experiences several menstrual cycles without becoming pregnant, a larger amount would be required to increase that likelihood. Guys who require it to treat low testosterone can use it for an extended period at a modest dosage. Because of an underlying medical issue, they might need to take medication for a short while until their bodies can create enough testosterone on their own again. It is a higher dosage that lasts the whole bodybuilding cycle.

Potential Negative Effects

Using HCG injections for the first time may have several drawbacks. The higher the dosage, the more intense they will be. After a few weeks, when the body has had time to adjust, it frequently disappears. Low quantities won’t cause any issues because the body won’t be able to distinguish between the synthetic quantity and the natural creation. Possible negative consequences include:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Depression


The breast tissue of men who use HCG may be spongy. When used in excess and over an extended period, it might enlarge the breasts and cause soreness nearby. If you must take HCG for an extended length of time, you must keep the dosage low. If you don’t get the product with a prescription, there’s a possibility it’s phoney. When purchasing it from the black market, exercise extreme caution. Examine the supplier and the merchandise they have to provide.

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