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Dosages of Steroids

Dosages of Steroids

There is a widespread notion in contemporary bodybuilding that the more drugs you use, the greater your results will be. For professional bodybuilders, this strategy could work, but not for amateurs. I believe that variables other than using excessive doses of steroids to achieve success include natural talent, willpower, and competence.

More accurately than any of my words, the proverb “He who understands life takes his time” sums up my perspective on the subject. Finding a means to be successful without hurrying is a problem.

I have gained a plethora of information that I want to share with you today via prolonged interaction with professionals, steadfast training, and reading specialised material on the usage of steroids in sports. It’s crucial to remember that every athlete has a different body, so what works for one athlete might not work for another. Sadly, I lack the resources necessary to write a thousand pieces on this topic. I will thus offer generic information that most readers will find helpful.

Gaining muscle bulk is the main goal of bodybuilding, and using correctly selected anabolic substances can hasten and facilitate this process. Knowing which medications to take and when to use them is the key.  

A List of Anabolic Steroids For Muscle Growth Is Present, As Well As Their Positives And Possible Contraindications:

All anabolic steroids are built on testosterone, which is frequently utilised in muscle-building programmes. It can, however, be transformed into oestrogen, which may have negative consequences including decreased hormone production and testicular shrinkage. The hormone gonadotropin (hCG) is frequently used to stop these adverse effects.

A comparable anabolic steroid to testosterone, turinabol has fewer negative effects such as gynecomastia and oedema. It is frequently coupled with Testosterone Enanthate and anti-estrogenic medications since it can be harmful to the liver at high dosages.

The potent substance oxymetholone can increase strength and muscle growth fast, but it can also have negative side effects like liver damage and hormone abnormalities. It is frequently used in conjunction with an anti-estrogen to lessen these negative effects.

 Sustanon is a special substance made up of several testosterone esters, each of which acts for a distinct amount of time. Athletes like it since it doesn’t need to be injected frequently. However, it must be taken sensibly and in conjunction with anti-estrogenic medications.

Trenbolone is a powerful anabolic substance that, according to its impact on insulin-like growth factor levels, is four times more effective than Deca-Durabolin. More anabolic activity and weight growth follow from this. Despite its high cost, there is a huge demand for it.

A strong medicine called boldenone (Equipoise) accelerates the enzymes involved in protein synthesis, which leads to weight gain. It is a desirable option for muscle-building programmes since it has a lower conversion to oestrogen and a lower incidence of rebound phenomena.

 A chart of recommended steroid dosages is shown below.

FOR DIFFERENT LEVELS OF TRAINING: The recommended doses for amateurs and novices are:

10–20 mg of orabolin (oral nandrolone) each day

Oxandrolone (Anavar) dosage: daily 10–15 mg

Injection of control: 50 mg every three days

50 mg Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, every three days

50–100 mg of nandrolone decanoate per week

40 mg per day of Andriol (oral testosterone undecanoate).

The following dosages are suggested for the second stage (also fitness):

Orabolin: 30-50 mg each day

Oxandrolone (Anavar): 25-30 mg per day

Tablets of Primobolan: 25–30 mg daily

Winstrol tablets: a daily dosage of 20–30 mg

Metandienone: daily dose of 20–30 mg

40 milligrammes of Andriol each day

Injectable Winstrol: 50 mg each other day

100–150 mg of nandrolone phenylpropionate every two-three days

Nandrolone decanoate: weekly doses of 200–400 mg

50–100 mg of testosterone propionate every other day

200–500 mg of testosterone cypionate each week

250–500 mg of testosterone enanthate each week

Sustanon dosage: 250–500 mg weekly

50 mg of oxymetholone each day

4-20 IU of insulin each day

4 IU of growth hormone each day

250 mg of cytadren per day

The following dosages are advised for seasoned bodybuilders and semi-professionals:

Oxandrolone (Anavar): 30-50 mg per day

Wynstrolone in pill form: 50-100 mg per day

100–150 mg of primobolan each day

40–75 mg of methandrostenolone per day

Winstrol injectables: daily dosage of 100–150 mg

600–1200 mg of nandrolone per week

100–200 mg of testosterone propionate every other day

No more than 1 g of testosterone cypionate each week.

1-1.5 g of testosterone enanthate per week

1-1.5 g of sustanon each week

50 mg of oxymetholone each day

Tablets of parabolan: 25 mg daily

20–40 IU of insulin each day

4–12 units of growth hormone per day

1 g of cytodren each day

Only for expert bodybuilders, the following doses are advised:

100 milligrammes or so of anabolic steroid every day

2-4 grammes of nandrolone per week

Winstrol injectables: daily dosage of 200–300 mg

Approximately 2 g of testosterone is injected weekly.

Sustanon: roughly 2 g each week

Oxymetholone: 300-400 mg per day

Tablets of parabolan: 150–200 mg daily

40–80 IU of insulin each day

Growth hormone: 12 to 24 IU daily

2 g of cytodren every day

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